The Poisonwood Bible

Barbara Kingsolver shared this book some time ago; it’s been on my shelve for a couple of years, but I’ve only just read it.  I’m trying to find anything on my own book shelves that I’ve missed….This one is an excellent ‘read’!  The story of a mission family that goes into the Congo is spellbinding at times and caused me to feel gratitude AGAIN for my life and just how ‘simple’ it has been.  A few years back I would have thought that my life was difficult…but nothing in comparison to what historically has plagued the continent of Africa.
The book gave a strong historical context while weaving in the experiences of a family of four girls, their mother and their ‘possessed’ father.  Kingsolver’s style, writing from the perspective of the four daughters is very powerful.  I felt as though I could step into each person’s ‘shoes’ and finally, see the impact these childhood challenges had upon their lives.

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