Warm Rich Earth

It is one in the afternoon and I need to stop and write because it has been a most beautiful and reflective day.  To begin with, I started the day off with writing.  I sipped my coffee here at the computer desk and opened up my pages of notes printed off long ago….pages that I think might one day comprise my first novel. 
I opened up a new word document and my fingers flew on the keyboard, as though there is a story that wants to be told.  I am always surprised by the intensity of the experience of writing because while writing, time travels quickly and the coffee cup is empty at my next sip and I don’t remember when it was that I actually emptied it out.
When I write I will often take wee breaks and walk over to the bookshelf and read snippets from the books that I love.  I have more than one copy of The Bridges of Madison County by Waller.  It’s as though I am compelled to pick them up in second hand book stores when I see them.  It’s as though they are too precious to be picked up by fairweather friends and I must save them from potential disregard.  So…this morning I picked up the copy that holds an inscription….likely a note from one friend to another.  When I purchased it, I also found three small pieces of note paper inside its pages, all written in the same script…memories of its author about a special time shared between friends.  These are on my fridge where I can see them each day and be reminded of the preciousness of friendship.
The inscription reads:
To Tuke
   To have lived and
loved and enjoyed…
to look back without
regrets; to look ahead
in eager anticipation…
then you have lived!
These words resonate with each of us; I am certain of it.
I wrote for quite some time after my morning walk in the river-valley with my dog.  I then headed to a gardening center and took the time to enjoy looking at thyme (pun) and young perennials of every variety.  I wrote quick notes to a friend and my Mom and Dad and shared a lovely conversation with my mother.  I picked up a beautiful book for a cheap price in a Winners store….Wise Women: A Celebration of Their Insights, Courage, and Beauty by Joyce Tenneson.  I’ve treasured, for years another book by her titled Illuminations.
I enjoyed a blessing-conversation with a long distance friend and another with his daughter….rich, warm, heartfelt.  And I received a beautiful and spontaneous phone call from my second child.  She had made her first siting of the season of a hot-air balloon and she just wanted to let me know.  As a two-year old she would look out the window of our vehicle as we drove anywhere, staring intently at the blue sky.  She could spot a hot-air balloon from a huge distance and inevitably we would chase these sitings down and time and time again watch the people in the baskets wave as they passed overhead or we would stand in fields and wait patiently for their landings.  After twenty years, she carries the very same childlike wonder about such a thing.  She giggled into the telephone, "And it’s my favourite kind!  It’s a rainbow balloon!"
The day has been one filled with smiles and magic.
Now….out to the warm rich soil, to turn in mulch for the season’s new growth!


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