As I viewed Bev Tosh’s war brides and Joane Cardinal Schubert’s parfleche and Gramma’s dress….I was thinking about the simplicity of this body of work that I’m working on.  As an artist, anything is valid really.  This entire body of work stems from my reconnection with pelicans at our weir.  Every summer, in July especially, the white pelicans come to feed on our Bow River.  Great numbers of them sit on the dark river, like beautiful white boats and they feed at the weir in long lines, meticulously watching the water for the fish.


The first time I saw them, I cried.  It was strange that I reacted on such an emotional level.  I asked myself why?  And then I remembered the pelican that my father had helped save from an eventual demise.  It was a one-winged pelican that was left behind when all others had left for their migration in the late summer. As a daughter, these sorts of experiences are amplified in their importance and I saw my father as a hero.  I will post the story here for all to read and when I can find my battery charger, I will post pictures of the studio work in progress.


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