I shared in a beautiful riverwalk Sunday morning with my pooch…so absolutely lovely!  We followed our usual path, but then diverged and sat on sun-warmed river stones.  A fly fisherman was wading in the river directly across from us….so I watched the swoosh swoosh swoosh cast of his line again and again….and listened to the forever undulating sound of the water as it moved past us.  The smell of the air in a place such as this one is dreamy….that light fishy scent….the wintered dryness of the grass.  All was special….an hour that I felt was meant just for me.
By late afternoon I knew that I was being attacked by a beast of a cold…so today the coughs, snorts and sniffles have settled in.  My dog lies at my feet…a bit of a snore going on…he’s become such an old guy!  My heart melts as I listen to his breathing.  I went out to the studio and did some work late last evening on my pelicans…oh how I’m going to love this little series.  I suppose I should take some photos and post them here.
Tonight my son and I went to train in the dojo…what a workout, given the fact that I’m not ‘batting 100%’ (is that actually a saying?)….so I am ready for a hot bath and my book of the week.  The Poisonwood Bible…an interesting read so far, given its setting in the Congo and the experiences of a missionary family.  I’ll review it when finished by weekend. 

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