Free in my Head!

At three o’clock this afternoon, I completed the marking of a stack of 115 novel studies.  Alleluhia!  Now I can really begin my holiday, given that visions of these papers will not be floating about in my head any longer!  I’ve got some work to do in my studio and I’m very-much looking forward to being free in my head to do that!  I am a person who works on several different projects at one time, and on several different levels, but when I have obligations to fulfill, then I tend to be distracted until they are met.
This means that I am no longer distracted!  Yippee!
The weather here is unseasonably cold…quite a chill as I walked my Laurie-dog out on the circle just now…a combination of rain and snow falling.  The young green babies in the garden seem to be shivering and the bunnies don’t know to be white or brown!  The birds each morning twitter from branch to branch, wondering if in fact, it is time to nest.  The entire world seems confused somehow. 

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