Flags of Our Fathers

Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers was the last Easter Day rental.  And after seeing films like Saving Private Ryan of the war flick genre, I’d have to say this one didn’t measure up.  The concept of the film is original, but I just thought that something was lacking.  I would be interested in seeing the ‘Letters’ film that he directed showing the Japanese perspective on the war. 
I’m a lady who is deep into character development and I found the three key players in this film somewhat one dimensional….I didn’t feel for them as perhaps I should have.  Even the attempt at representing racist issues with the one ‘Indian’ character was not as authentic and horrific as it may have been portrayed.  For its historical issues, this is a good one….but for the emotional connection, not quite there. 
Now, out to the studio for me!

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