Happy Easter!

The sky is finally blue….and the sun blazing warm on my back as I write.  Happy Easter one and all!  The three of us got home at two in the morning after sharing wine and a feast in our gathering room at the church.  The Easter Vigil was spectacular!  Once again, an amazing and uplifting event!

One of the beautiful moments was out on the church steps when the Easter candle was lit…we had a hot fire burning in our small outdoor fireplace.  The congregation filled the steps, the entry way and everyone huddled up against one another to be warm from the chill of the wind.  The Easter candle was then lit….and a deacon carried it into the church.  It was a wonderful thing to be so close to the Easter fire and to be with the faithful. 
Bit by bit the Easter light spread as we lit our tapers and moved into the church….
I am wishing you all the sense that this light is continuing to spread forth to each of you…..Happy Easter!  Alleluhia!

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