Ok!  Now….here’s one that we’re NOT going to recommend our friends view!  Hmmm….don’t even know what to say about Babel.  We can ascertain that the theme is communication.  Not only are we exposed to several cultural contexts, but we see a young deaf and mute girl in Japan who can not express feelings around the death of her mother and her frustration from within.  I’m NOT going to sit here and attempt to convince you there is something of value in this particular movie.  It’s just one of those that would be labeled ‘artistic’ somehow.  Typically I can find something deep to say about almost anything…but this leaves me speechless.
 "The flashy spectacle of intersecting narratives and its crosscutting and fractured chronology nearly overwhelms the film’s simple message, in this case that despite divisions of language, race and geography, we’re all connected. Ironically, by the time BABEL debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, Inarritu and Arriaga were publicly feuding, apparently over Arriaga’s insistence that screenwriters and directors deserve equal credit for a film’s success. "–Maitland McDonagh

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