Easter Vigil

The last day of the Sacred Triduum….the Easter Vigil and the celebration of Easter.  I will go over to church at 10 tonight and we will be filled with Easter Light.  The church begins in darkness.  Readings take us from the creation of the world, gradually through the old testament, with stories of Abraham and Moses.  The Easter candle is processed in.  We light our tapers off of the Easter candle and gradually the church fills with light. 
This is the anniversary of my confirmation in the church and so it is a wonderful night!  We laugh and sing and celebrate as several people are baptized in our font by immersion.  Father is drenched….water is flying…and everything is wondrous!
For today, there are the preparations to be made for tomorrow’s meal…some cleaning and the grocery shopping…and the bunny-cake-making.  The bunny cake has been a tradition in our family as long as I can remember.  And that rascal, the easter bunny, always took a nibble out of the cake…we were always mystified by that!  This year we are in the midst of wintry weather, so it doesn’t feel quite the same as usual.  Wishing all readers a Blessed, safe, healthy and magical Easter celebration!

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