The Producers by Mel Brooks

I flew out of the tournament and headed for home because I had a musical to attend at the Jubilee Auditorium for two in the afternoon.  It was The Producers by Mel Brooks! My girlfriend picked me up and I raced out to her car after a quick wash-up and a change….wrapping my golden ‘bling’ up in my arms so that I could share it!  She let me chat and chat all the way to the Jubilee about my karate experience…we had a really good time visiting on the way…well, at least I did!!
It was a fantastic show…so many big belly laughs, I left feeling elated and recharged.  Have you ever seen The Producers?  I believe I saw parts of the oldest version…but, not the most recent one at all.  After seeing this musical, I will definitely go out and rent both versions and watch them with my kids.  What funny writing….such wit…such a twisted version of almost everything!
From there, we went out to a new Burger joint called Tommy’s Restaurant….YUMMERS…..four of my sister-friends and I.  I realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and welcomed the burger and caesar salad with great enthusiasm! Toward the end of the meal, I became utterly exhausted and couldn’t wait to walk my dog, put on my cozy comfortable clothes…layers of flannel…and then curl into sleep.  What a jam-packed Saturday!

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