Rita Chiarelli

It was a painting night, but I threw caution to the wind and went to the Ironwood to hear Rita Chiarelli…and I’m so very grateful that I did!  Her music touched my heart…reached into me deeper than ever I could imagine!  I am so grateful for the heart strings that pull me in a different direction when my head is telling me to go another.  I only have this short life to live and it is for me to discern with great sensitivity what direction I should take at any given time!
I have been a part of the music community for many years now in this city.  Last night, I was a guest of Tom Knowles and his wife.  Tom played bass for Long John Baldry and for several years with Rita Chiarelli.  At break,  the band members actually came and shared time and drinks with  us…Rita Chiarelli…upright bass player, Joseph Phillips out of London, Ontario and Papa John King who played lead for years with Long John Baldry.  The conversation, energy and dancing that came from the guests at our table was amazing!  I was thrilled to be sitting and sharing with such musical people, the stories of my children and the admiration I hold for the abilities of all of these.  Rita shook my ‘painting’ hand and entered into genuine conversation with me.  It was a ‘magical’ evening!

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