Tracy Chapman and B.B.King

The evening’s workout in karate was a good one…techniques and exercises that would enhance kumite (sparring).  There will be a tournament at end of month and I will see if the girls in the Wednesday night class would like to practise a lower belt group kata with me.  Usually there are no competitors for me in solo events, given that so few women practice Shotokan in our area.  I encourage women to become involved in this sport as it creates a wonderful release and a sense of well-being that only meditation can give.  The ribs are healed up so the only thing that I’m not yet able to do are the push-ups and full sit-ups so I do reverse sit-ups to work on the core. 
More projects are going on in the studio and last evening my space was opened up to my son who is enrolled in an art class this semester and is working on a beautiful watercolour piece….transparent glass bottles and overlapping.

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