It has been an exciting few days! I am so in awe of my children and love them to bits!   My daughter was an awesome dance performer for Mainstage at the University Theater….I was in tears a few different times…sitting in the dark, experiencing the power of dance in absolutely every way and knowing the personal journey that my own child has taken in regards to movement and art these past many years!  I can not be more proud!


Touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight

For 2007 the Program of Dance takes a different approach to Mainstage Dance by offering audiences a full evening dancework. SEN5ES: Mainstage Dance 2007 featuring the Tyler Hornby Quartet runs March 15 -17 at 8pm in the University Theatre.

Touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. SE5ES features the work of faculty members and professional choreographers Melissa Monteros and Michèle Moss as they explore how the body interacts with the world. The work uses video and light to aide the dancers as they delve into memory, perception, sensory overload, and so on. With movement, dance, speaking, cooking, video, and live music, SE5ES is full of sensory stimulation.

Collaborating on SE5ES is composer and jazz musician Tyler Hornby. These three creators work with lighting designer Steve Isom, the Tyler Hornby Quartet, and a cast of student dancers to bring to life the lyrical and upbeat world of SE5ES.

Says Monteros of the unique rehearsal process used to create SE5ES, “It is wild because we are improvising with a structure that usually has 7 or 8 dancers rehearsing 3 times a week… now we have 24 dancers as the full cast and we are developing fragments of scenes with different performers during the week and pulling the whole thing together on Fridays. The spirit of adventure and collaboration is very strong.”

I have also been crazy-busy in the studio these last couple of weeks and coordinated a delivery to the Edmonton gallery with a birthday yahoo with my son!  Oh SO MUCH FUN!  It was such a playful time as we used the entire afternoon to swim and ride the waves.  While the three kids were riding the death-defying slides, I had the most amazing time anonymously tubing in the center of the huge pool with a zillion strangers.   I haven’t laughed so loud in a long time!  So many different people, laughing in a great throb of happiness!

The children and I dried off and then found our way from West Edmonton Mall to a friend’s place where cards came out, good music was played and funny stories were shared.  We flaked out dorm-style with huge smiles on our faces!  A wonderful time!

I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders….report cards done….parent-teacher interviews completed for the year….art progressing in an unbelievable way….and my children feeling ‘on top of the world’!  I’m hoping that all of you are celebrating the great wonder of the ordinary…the wee laugh shared between friends and family is a very powerful thing! 

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