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Recently I was visiting with a friend who was experiencing an ‘awakening’ of sorts to an event that had played out a particular way.  Most events in our lives can result in a whole number of outcomes….some that leave us feeling somewhat sad…emptied out; others that elate us and cause us to pour forward and out of complacency.  If you think about the writer, Robert Frost, this can be likened to The Two Roads…
I was thinking about life differently on that particular day and I’m going to expand upon this missive for a few moments.  No need to bear with me; you can just stop reading!  That’s what I’m talking about…and this makes me smile. 
Let’s just say for a moment that while we are sleeping, our life pulls back…contracts into a big ball of stuff while we are so unaware…and vulnerable.  We go to bed that night thinking that everything in our lives is going a certain way.  We acknowledge the mistakes of that day past.   We review our reactions to other people and to events, both good and bad.  We pause to think about the people we love.  We express gratitude.  We worry.  And then…in the silence of the dark, behind closed lids….it all pulls back, contracts into a ball of ‘stuff’…
In the morning, each morning, the life-ball ignites….it sets on fire….sizzles…and then explodes into a myriad of experiences!  Our worries reconfigure…..our gratitude becomes misplaced or forgotten.  We forget the people we love or we find new people who need the love more.  We say good-heartedly, "Today is going to be the day when I react differently," and our eyes are opened wider to the experience of smaller events.  We notice something different.  We see a new person’s pain.  We are surprised by the needs of someone else.  We have to find something good for breakfast.  It begins again…anew…bits of our deeper selves jettisoned beyond and out of the life-ball that was only hours ago, fast asleep.
It is a miracle…this life force within us.  It is somewhat amazing how complex the layers of our lives are and just how many different bits are sent flying each new day to create the life experience that sends us to our beds for rest each night. 

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  1. Interesting…sounds like something I might ponder but couldn\’t have put it into words to well.  Thanks for touching the philospher side of me.  One day soon when I\’m caught up and rested up I will get back to some creative thinking for my blog. 
    PS  The "project" is nearing completion …watch for photos soon!

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