Poetry and Painting

I guess the fact that I’m not getting my daily blogging done is a sign that I’m engaged entirely in my life right now!  This is a bit of a conflicting statement because writing is in fact, a big part of my life!  I guess I have new focus right now.
For one, I am looking at a stack of 110 poetry units right now, each containing 10 poems, each poem accompanied by a personal photograph taken by the writer.  This means that over the course of a couple of weeks, I’ll be reading 1100 poems, analysing them, commenting on them and finally assessing them.  So you see, writing and reading is still very much a part of almost everything!

A greater priority right now though is my hunger to paint and my work in the studio.  I’ve been out there each evening for a week now and it feels good to be in a rhythm.  I’m painting landscapes inspired by the trip my oldest daughter and I made to Jasper in the springtime.  I’m pleased that the quilted pieces are also progressing at the same time.  I am noticing just how different I feel in my head when I am involved in the act of painting. 
The ribs are slowly healing.  Yesterday morning was the first morning I woke up without that particular stabbing pain in my back, so after four and a half weeks, this was a tremendous event!  I announced the news with great enthusiasm at the morning coffee pot.  My son was happy for me and said that I should take one more night off from karate…so, that also has been weeks…and I’m missing it very much.
This coming weekend will be one spent in the studio and I’ll try to post some photographs of recent projects here in a new album.  Also, the rookery will be finished early next week, so I will also publish the final photographs of that in the Penguins album.  Wishing you all a beautiful week!

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