A Conversation

 I stopped at the book store and went right for the Elizabeth Berg books while I had the time to browse.  Only a single title on the shelf…a few copies…..so, I picked it up.  I liked the title!  It appealed to me…and while it wasn’t Open House (the title I was looking for), I read the back and it seemed like a nice book.  The title, THE ART OF MENDING.  I read the back and learned that it’s about how a family finds forgiveness, even after opening up about a family secret…hmmmm….got me curious. 
So…I began in bed last night!  Would you believe this?  The protagonist is a quilter!  HOLY SHITESKI!  I could NOT believe it.  Then I looked at the front cover again (which seemed very homespun somehow) and realized it was a stack of fabric behind a glass cabinet door!  WOW! 
Did I tell you that I am forming my artist’s statement for this work?  
Anyway, I was thinking about my statement while I was cutting my pieces….and I liked the sound of the scissors on the table.  It reminded me of when my mother would pin her pattern pieces to fabric on her sewing table…and then carefully cut around the pieces.  I LOVED THAT SOUND AS A CHILD….was it the feeling that it was home? safety? comfort?  I just liked that sound.  And…so when I heard myself making that sound, I was thrilled and said to myself, “Somewhere in your statement you have to mention how that resinates with you.”
Well, at the end of the second chapter somewhere, Laura…the protagonist is cutting fabric for her blocks…and she mentions the sound of cutting fabric.  It WAS UNBELIEVABLE!  FREAKY! 
I cannot believe you mentioned about the scissors on the table sound…geeze…it is probably the reason I wanted to learn how to make quilts in the first place. My Grandmother standing in the sunporch working away cutting all these little pieces across the big wooden sewing table. I can hear that sound just like it was yesterday. Then one day I am invited to join her and her lady friends in a quilting gathering. I was around 8 or 9 years old..a needle and thread in my hand…my heart was pounding with worry that I would not get it right. I remember the ladies were so nice to me and were thrilled to have a new quilter to share their stories with, they also gave me my very first hot tea in a china cup and saucer…

The quilt that was made that day sits on top of my dresser now…used for years on my bed as a child. At the end of the day way back then, these ladies sent this quilt home with me. I can snuggle this quilt and I still can hear their voices laughing and talking. They have all passed away now but this quilt (as worn as it is) is still my favourite one…I think of it as a spirit memory quilt.. I love that I can share this with you because I think you are the only one that I know that would GET this.

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