Being in the Studio

I’ve just come in from the studio, my Chapel, where I’ve spent most of the evening playing with my new ideas.  I’ve almost completed two of the studies and began sorting canvas triangles onto a new canvas that has beautiful proportions for this sort of thing…about twelve inches tall by sixty inches wide.  I painted a ground of yellow ochre wash onto the canvas and then proceeded to arrange light blue sky triangles onto the surface.  The sense I get from these pieces is almost like the experience of looking through a kaleidoscope up through the trees and at the sky.
They ARE about memory. 
When I began painting the landscape, it was my intention to capture some sense of ‘place’ so that my children would have an inheritance.  I hoped that by painting images of ‘magical’ landscapes that I have treasured, particularly the river, there would be an imprint that would survive the loss of the land and river as we know it.  Now, the work becomes more and more suggestive of that memory.  As it is minimized it becomes more successful. 
This evening’s work is most reminiscent of the vast golden fields of southern Alberta and the wide open skies that were once shared with my grandfather on Sunday drives.  It is appropriate that the work should be interpreted through the device of a quilt-like motif.
September 7 2008 Max and Heaven 042 September 7 2008 Max and Heaven 039 September 7 2008 Max and Heaven 034

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  1. When I move home I want to spend weekends at Gran\’s learning all those female-crafts – I want to make a quilt, my own set of placemats, poppyseed rolls and a batch of dill pickles.  Just as with the landscape you appreciate your culture and traditions more when you realise they can only remain a legacy if you take up being a steward/guardian.

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