My computer has been serviced for the past week and a bit…one problem led to another problem and finally it is here in our office again.  The thermal ‘whutzit’ had a bit of a meltdown to begin with, just as I wrote this same entry last Friday. I had used the text to create an awesome landscape,  a beautiful job of using colours to create a field of bright yellow sunflowers beneath a wide blue sky.  Why sunflower fields?
My two ninety-year-old friends are like sunflowers.  They turn their heads to the sun….they look out at the blue sky with hope and they believe in the goodness in others.  I attended two birthday parties last weekend and celebrated a combined 180 years of living!  It was absolutely beautiful!  I think that every moment should be treasured and that if you know anyone who is getting up in years, hold onto them and soak up the love that radiates from them!  Happy birthday Elma and May!

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