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Ok…so it turns out that I was sitting for over a week with two dislocated ribs on my right side.  At this moment it makes me smile, although it wasn’t funny at the time….funny only because I knew I had tolerance for pain…and that in fact, I’m not a wuss (is that how you spell that?), but I think it’s absolutely insane that I continued to go to work and manage the house as best as I could, under those circumstances. 
I’m home in daytime hours because I had a two-and-a-half-hour appointment with a dentist chair this morning and the entire left side of my face remains frozen in what feels like a chipmunk cheek.  At 4 in the morning I woke with the same seering pain from back to the middle of my chest, so I know that one or both of the ribs have displaced again, something that I was told COULD happen because of the longevity of this particular situation.  It made the dentist visit particularly painful, but it happens that the chiropractor will visit me in just an hour to see if we can put this to rights again.
I’ve naddered on at length about my supposed muscle strain here, so I thought I’d share the information about my health with the entire world.  Words to the wise:  It is a common injury that I incurred…a fact that when you work hard at something like sanding…expend tons of energy…you tend to hold your breath as you push and exert…then when you release, you take in a big breath of air.  This sort of behaviour in repetition often leads to popped/dislocated ribs.  So…please beware and be careful!

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  1. the universe Miss is asking you to be kinder to you,,,, and if the message isn\’t recieved it will send another until the choice to recieve the message will be removed from the equation… so kindness …to u please…

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