The Year of Pleasures: Elizabeth Berg

What a beautiful book!  Our book study from parallel places and lives did not work out all that well, given that blue’s outlook express mail stopped working part way through the process and I could not collect her questions OR her responses for the week.  Suffice it to say however that I was pleased to have this book on the weekend, given that I was unable to do much of anything.  It took me most of Saturday to change the kitty litter and empty the dishwasher. 
My daughter, who just recently earned her driver’s licence, made her way out into the snow of yesterday (it doesn’t seem to stop) and picked us up some groceries.  As well as picking us up a few items that wouldn’t normally be on my list (snow peas would be my example), she met me out in the studio afterwards with a glass of ice tea, ripple chips and dip, all which contributed to a sense of well-being and cheeriness.  But then…I’ve drifted from the book discussion here, however slightly.  Truth is, this book was all about a year of pleasures.
And…what happens when you fall ill or feel incapcitated is that the world and every part of it slows down to some degree…given, of course, the seriousness of your injury.  I am grateful that I continue to be able to do the simple things, especially that I am able to communicate. 
The book is a beautiful piece of writing and included many elements that spoke personally to me.  It was serendipitous how many little images could quickly be connected to my own life and experience.  It was meant to be.
Last evening, late, I continued to make progress on my Margaret Laurence biography.  I am at the point in Margaret’s life…1969…when she is beginning to receive acclaim Canada-wide and also internationally.  This all comes as a surprise to Margaret who has had so many challenges personally.  Her female protagonists are truly Canadian and this makes her early novels so special because the characters are ‘real’ in the deepest sense…Hagar, Stacey….Morag…amazing!

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