Chapter 7 & 8: The Year of Pleasures

Betta wakes up feeling as though things might be ‘normal’.  She thinks about making gingerbread…buys lemon…stops for a coffee at a java shop.  AH!  gingerbread…and she remembers a time when she told John, "Gingerbread is for dessert…not for breakfast." Another life lesson.  John shares the importance of not waiting to relish the simple things.  Pleasure in them!
She begins to think about her dream of a business in this midwestern town…she imagines it.
After a very short time, she feels the loss all over again…the loneliness…the absence.  The process of loss…grief…is a process and there is no time schedule or way…it happens at its own pace in its own shape. 
I’m drawn into Berg’s description…and I love the everyday experiences that are captured throughout the reading.

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