Chapters 3 & 4: The Year of Pleasures

In chapter 3 we learn the significance of the green bowl.  Huge life lesson there!  From this point forward Betta’s green bowl will be of significance to me…and I will keep my eyes wide open for what it means for me in my life.  For now, let it be affirmed once more that words are gifts unto themselves.  Imagine each day that your words are wrapped up in a gift box for others.  What words would you tie a bow around?  There are many big lessons in simple things.
The dresser….a drawer of treasures and surprises….one with birds and flowers painted on it.  Some of the symbols in this book are serendipitous…certainly a gift. 
Betta has purchased the house.
Seems that I am lagging a bit behind and Red has beat me to this post. That’s OK….today I will answer her question.
I have never read a book in my life that has so many parallels to my own life, and I am only four chapters in. If Red only knew how many bowls I have….well she just wouldn’t believe it. (many bowls and I like platters and glass jars too)
There are words I would tie a bow around. Last words….words of commitment and love…first words…words of forgiveness. But the words that I am thinking about today, are the words sent to me from a kind stranger. Words that I wrap a bow around and cherish everyday because these words turned into a beautiful friendship and these words actually brought me HERE .
I love you friend Red.
Yes…Betta bought the house. She discovers another gift from John…a box of words. Slowly she is piecing together their meaning and why he left them for her. I think this is a path to her future meaning…. life is too short to be thinking of yesterday’s failures. You pick up the pieces and find a way to make them fit. It is different and new than before, but the beauty, love and hope is still there.
" Take the green bowl, take all of the green bowls; love what you love with no apology".
OH!  But wait a minute!!!  That wasn’t the question!  Oh please!  Ask one….that was just a rhetorical one put out there for the universe to think about….for me to think about!  Looking forward to your question! 
The owner of the house, ninety-five year old Lydia Samuels now lives in a nursing home. I like her…..she seems to be a bit of a character.
Since Betta didn’t care who bought her house as long as she got a good price, why do you think Lydia insists on meeting Betta before she sells to her?
I think one who puts many years of their life into a home and fills it with family, memories, and love needs to know who will take her place. I think that she needs to know that someone could love the house as much as she does. I am hoping there might be a friendship between them in the future. Just imagine the stories that Lydia could share with Betta.
While she IS a strange little character in terms of her physical description, Lydia seems highly intuitive and learns much about a person in a short time.  I’d have to agree with Blue that the sale of this house is not something she REALLY wants to do…it is a step to a new beginning for Lydia…she wants to find out just how badly Betta wants this particular home and so she raises the price right on the spot, thinking that a truly motivated buyer would not disappoint.  Betta is determined.  Lydia is able to sense things about Betta…"He will come…"

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