Red Chest

Mother and daughter whizzed off to the train early this morning…a nice cup of store-bought coffee at a stop along the way…nice warmth of the blowing heat at the dash…nice listening of music…nice traveling together…NICE start to the day! She earned her driver’s licence yesterday, so members of the family and friends are in a fit of celebration!  Such a magical ‘yesterday’!  Upon my return home, I took on the early painting of the second dresser after another Home Depot afternoon yesterday and much junior-carpentry work in the late evening.
Well, in the end I decided to fill in the imperfections on the veneers of the second dresser with wood filler, smooth out the surface, repair the drawers with various bits of glue, filler, trim pieces of wood, clamps of all sizes and shapes….and to paint the main body of the drawers with the red that appears on one of my son’s walls.
We’ve parked the grey dresser up against the grey wall, with the Kandinsky facing toward us and now the idea is to place the burgundy-red one up against the red wall, with yet another Kandinsky Composition depicted on the drawer faces.  It’s shaping up…but again, a big investment in a 20.00 set of drawers.
After sanding and putzing with this older piece and discovering the beautiful, but damaged veneer underneath, I think that I could really take to this process and refinish some more salvageable pieces.  I enjoyed the physical work and the meditative aspects of the sanding.  Pictures to follow later this afternoon…for now, off to Mass and then the movie, Catch and Release with my movie Ya Yas.

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