Patty Griffin and Rain

I’m sitting here listening to Sirius Radio….Patty Griffin singing Rain….beautiful…mellow…relaxing.  I’m taking a breath…I just clamped my last patch job on the bottom drawer of the red dresser.  Tonight I will blog the painting aspect of the last Kandinsky composition….I am optimistic perhaps…that I will finish tonight and be able to urethane before karate tomorrow night.
The movie, Catch and Release had some beautiful elements.  I liked the quotes that were read off of the Celestial Herbal Tea boxes…I really liked those!
I was thinking….we continue doing ‘ordinary’ things don’t we….what was the last sort of tea we chose to sip?  Zinger? Peppermint? Chamomile?  the last song on the radio?  who received our last phone call?  Anyway…I liked the movie for its message about ‘knowing your life’.  I also think that the protagonist had some regrets for not letting her closest friend, her fiance, know her.  He didn’t even know that she was able to stick her entire fist in her mouth?  I type this with a smile on my face.  Sometimes we are so about ‘being proper’, that we forget to have outrageous fun!

1 thought on “Patty Griffin and Rain

  1.   "How softly summer shuts, without the creaking of a door"
       Emily Dickinson
       Just to let you know that I was here…lol…and the only Celestial Herbal Tea quote in the cupboard.
       She Paints Blue

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