Priests and Mission Impossible

The title of this entry can be somewhat misleading…and it sort of makes me smile.  After some failed attempts with setting dates, the children and I were able to co-ordinate dinner here with our Parish Priest.  What I liked most is that he helped with the cooking and we put together a dreamy meal of parsley potatoes (his recipe…YUMMERS!) and stuffed salmon (my recipe)served with tender-but-not-overcooked green beans…and the children put together the salad. The salmon was stuffed with fresh cilantro, parsley, green onion bits, white wine, virgin olive oil, a titch of cumin, fresh oregano and thyme…mmmmmmm yummers! It was a scrumptious meal!
The conversation was lively and covered all sorts of topics…and I made certain that I steered the visit to topics that were of curiosity to the kids…things that were questions or concerns.  There was good humour and fun and honesty.  The anecdotes and stories were the most fun!  I really liked it and hope we can do this again.
We were in such high spirits after Father had left (not because he left…but you know what I mean) that my son and I went and rented our week’s stack of movies.  He bought his milk duds and we curled in to watch Mission Impossible III together.  While I hadn’t heard a single good review about the film, the three of us had so much fun watching it. Of course, I add a dimension to any film with action, intrigue or tension because I tend to grip, stand and pace, and squeal…so it was a good viewing!  I tucked in, almost finished my most recent Vreeland ‘read’ and then turned off the bedside lamp to a great sleep.

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