Girl in Hyacinth Blue: This Week’s Book

This week’s book, Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland has convinced me that, not only is Vreeland one of my favourite writers (for now), but one of my favourite people.  Contained in the Afterward is an interview with Vreeland that captivates me because it so-closedly mimics my thoughts and experiences of life and art.
The entry point of the book is a painting by Johannes Vermeer.  It really becomes a series of short stories that are placed chronologically from present to past, a century apart, and trace the powerful impact that a beautiful image of a young girl who sits before a window, has upon its owners. 
I often think and wonder about the journeys that my own paintings have taken since beginning to paint seriously in 1990…I wonder about the people whos hands have touched my work…what their challenges have been…what conversations have been shared while my paintings, like silent observers, have warmed their walls.  It’s an interesting story…the story of art, poetry, music….and the story of books.
An excellent ‘read’…one I recommend for every artist!

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