Cheap Dressers

I bought two dressers from the Women in Need Society for 40.00.  That was two weeks ago…and I’ve been transforming them when I’ve been feeling like some physical work.  My son and daughter haven’t had dressers for four years…ever since I stripped the entire house of wall-to-wall carpeting.  Since then, bit by bit, I have made this home our own.
The children have had their clothes systematically stored away in laundry baskets and they are absolutely thrilled that very very soon they will have real time storage in their own bedrooms.  Yippee!
For my son, I’ve chosen a couple of compositions by artist, Wassily Kandinsky. It makes sense because he was an artist very much aligned with musical compositions and my son is ALL ABOUT MUSIC! Both dressers were coated in four coats of very yucky thick paint.  Wow, that was a messy job stripping that stuff off…and then sanding…and then peeling the mess off of my basement floor.  I should have thought to use a drop cloth or some such thing.  This is the very first time I’ve taken on such a project as this.
My first set of drawers is based on a STUDY for his Composition V.  I have yet to choose the next inspiration.  You might find this background interesting.
Information on Kandinsky taken from…

(Black) is like the silence of the body after death, the close of life.

– Wassily Kandinsky, 1911

Kandinsky viewed the compositions as major statements of his artistic ideas. They share several characteristics that express this monumentality: the impressively large format, the conscious, deliberate planning of the composition, and the transcendence of representation by increasingly abstract imagery. Just as symphonies define milestones in the career of a composer, Kandinsky’s compositions represented the culmination of his artistic vision at a given moment in his career.

 “Composition V”, 1911
( 639 x 446 / 61 k / jpeg )

Later in 1911, Kandinsky produced Composition V, a much more abstract work. Here, the theme is the Resurrection of the Dead. The iconography is much more difficult to discern. Comparison must be made to more representational works that treat this theme done by Kandinsky around the same time. Reference to these more literal depictions of the motifs allow us to perceive their abstracted forms within Composition V. Several angels blowing their trumpets are included in the upper portion of the canvas. The strong black line crossing from right to left can be felt as a representation of the blowing of the trumpets. Above this line, the towers of a walled-in city are visible. Below the line, the thin application of paint produces a luminescence that affects our perception of space in that portion of the canvas. The luminescence conveys a sense of infinity through the lack of volume and the absence of perspectival illusion. Out of this void, the viewer can sense the rising of the dead.



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  1. I love the pictures, it looks like a beautiful dresser.  I have to say though, my favourite picture is the one with the Laurie-dawg on the floor.  I gave him a nice pet and a scratch behind the ears with my mouse, just like I always do when I see a picture of my Lor-lor.  I told him I\’m coming home, but he didn\’t believe me.

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