The Children of Men

I’ve enjoyed a relatively peaceful couple of days.  I’ve taken down the dry Christmas tree in advance of Epiphany, but with satisfaction that rituals of this sort are to be decided sensibly.
The past two days I’ve been scraping paint off of a couple of chests of drawers and that has turned out to be pretty physical work. I was disappointed to find the veneers beneath the paint too damaged to salvage and so I will paint them with funky designs based on primitive African designs for use in my son’s room.
I’ve also made it through an excellent ‘read’, The Children of Men by P.D.James.  I think they’ve made a motion picture of this story and so I will enjoy comparing the book with the movie when it comes out as a rental.  I thought that it was an impeccably written book.  The style of writing is very new to me and the author shows off her amazing craft with words.  The two sections, beginning with Omega and ending with Alpha were clever.  By end of first section, I was captivated.
This evening I will drag the Christmas tree over to the chipping site, finish addressing New Year’s letters and store some of the decorations away.  It’s a cold night with a strong wind.  It feels good to be nesting for the most part.  I love the act of reading and the peace it gives me.

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