For the past two Wednesdays, I have chaperoned for my son’s band practices at his high school.  There is such energy with these young musicians and so much hard work!  My boy plays tenor drums and marches at the same time.  Last evening the drill included a constant march for 45 minutes side to side, forward and backward, in the front foyer of the school.
He has been very sick with a hacking cough this past week, and to see him working so hard and putting out so much for his team, amazed me.  Today I’m keeping him home from school.  It is time for him to rest and recuperate.
Some years ago, I painted an art show called Pieces of Gold….a tribute to two sons, my boy and Jarrett.  There is something so special about having my boy grow up in front of me.  It is such a privilege to be his Mom!
My James

My James

Jarrett Alley

Jarrett Alley

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