Midnight Gift

It was late and I was curled up reading my biography….Margaret Laurence…the one I’ve been jabbering about on this blog.  I looked to the left…to my bedside table….checked the time….and then looked down.  I reached  down into the soft light….reached for our travel bag and pulled out the most recent journal, intending to write.  There, I found rolled in recycled ribbons, a beautiful pair of long johns!  Yippee!  Warmth for the next cold snap!  Warmth for my heart!  So…just as I am…I felt I had to share the happy tears, the laughter….the fact that I could use them as a shawl…the entire experience was and is magic, in my mind…it’s magic.

1 thought on “Midnight Gift

  1. Always my last stop at the end of each day……beautiful magic in my mind, is sharing your magic!
    Good Night my dear friend….the sound of your voice is still with me…..I will sleep well tonight.
    She Paint Blue

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