Stranger Than Fiction

It has been some time since I attended a movie and last night was pretty special for all the right reasons!  Stranger Than Fiction was pretty unique in its approach and was very ‘cool’ in respect to my thoughts about writing recently.  It is very thought-provoking and comes down again to the thought that the glue of our lives remains in the little things that we share with others.
We tend to give importance in our lives to ‘stuff’ that isn’t really that important…and we tend to minimize the aspects of our lives that ARE important.  In the end, it’s the tiny gestures that mean the world to us… 
I talked to my parents yesterday about my career….my duo-careers…the art and the teaching.  I appreciated the time they spent talking with me, while I ate a meatloaf sandwich (a treat that really reminds me of my Dad…steak sandwiches, spanish onion sandwiches, meatloaf sandwiches).  The conversation was ‘magic’ and that is what is of consequence!
Yesterday marked the beginning of my Advent journey.  I purchased my three violet candles and the one pink one and placed them on a glass plate.  In the morning, I attended Mass and sat behind an older couple in the sixth row…we always sit close.  One Sunday after Mass, the kind gentleman said, while reaching for my hand, "I’m always going to sit somewhere near your alto voice."  I told him, "I’m always going to sit somewhere near your tenor!" 
I had received Eucharist and was on my knees in thanksgiving…my eyes were closed…and as I prayed, I heard his beautiful voice directly in front of me.  He was singing a familiar hymn. With my eyes closed, I could imagine my own father…their voices blended in my imagination and I began to cry.  That voice was a vehicle for the peace of Christ…it was special, truly special.
In the evening, I served shepherd’s pie with a nice glass of red wine…played Dave Matthew’s music….lit up my outdoor Christmas lights and the first violet candle and then shared this marvelous movie with my dearest friend!  What a very special day! 

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