Xavier Rudd

Oh my gosh!  What a break from the white!! I picked up my son from his school at 6:30 and after a burger run, we headed down to the Jack Singer concert hall for the most amazing concert!!  Absolutely spell-binding!  I’ve never seen a crowd out of their seats and dancing in that venue, pressing forward to the stage…it was magic!

The two of us, already having great seats on Orchestra-left, didn’t hesitate to be among the dancers and the pressers!  I’ve a love for music that goes beyond any sort of etiquette and if I can beg for a drumstick from a performer, I will!

The night began with an opening act that the two of us enjoyed so much during summer folk festival…Ndidi Onukwulu and Madagascar Slim!  Phenomenal!  A surprise and a double hit…for us, it was like getting out to two concerts!  She has such an exotic sound.  She is so beautiful!  And her music is so ‘loaded’ with emotion and substance!  It was wonderful!

Xavier Rudd was beyond excellent!  His syncopated song writing was over-the-top!  By end of concert, I was standing plunk in front of him…first row…listening to a beautiful new ballad.  Among his final songs, I was most amazed by the entire sense of the song, Better People.  The stage transformed into a mystical place almost, filtered light…plants…a simple table lamp lit behind him…he gave us his soul when he sang.  His words were reaching into people and their hearts.  His music was captivating and the masses moved to the strong beats.

It was an amazing event to share with my percussionist-son.  I won’t forget it!


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