Tuesday Morning

BRRRR!  I missed karate last night and drove over to my favourite mega-store to purchase a 50′ long extention chord.  The long chord I had didn’t function anymore…how is that possible?  I taxied over to pick my daughter up from work at the coffee shop and by the time we arrived home safely and off of the icy roads, the female portion of the chord was so darned cold, I had to blow it with a blow dryer to get the thing to connect with the male of the van. Sometimes I feel as though I’d rather our lives be simple…
Given the huge power consumption and surge at this time, the neighbourhood still looked like Vegas last evening, with Christmas lights of every variety lighting up the cold!
Twelve more english papers read again last night while listening to Dave Matthew’s Band music in his weekend concert on The Rock…now, that music and those lyrics warmed me up!

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