Shower Heads

Well, I DID it myself!  I installed new shower heads!  The tough part was getting one of the old ones off!  Once I used some CLR and a toothbrush, it was easy-schmeezy!  My plumbing activity began yesterday, when out of the blue, my daughter’s hot water tap began pouring water!  While I didn’t manage to get the correct part for that, I DID turn off the hot water there and will proceed with seeking out that solution later today.
The point is that while in the plumbing department of my favourite mega-store, I DID manage to get this project in hand….what a thing to do on an extremely wintry day!

2 thoughts on “Shower Heads

  1. What a beautiful album you have for us today!!…I think you got me pretty good!
    Now all of your fans out here in blog land will have to have one of these shower heads…you do know that?…..right?? LOL
    She Paints Blue

  2. You crack me up cousin friend,  it\’s only men that have lead us to believe that we are incompetent when it comes to home repairs and anything half assed mechanical.  Truth is, it\’s a cinch………LOL well maybe not but it is sooo do-able.  I love you and have been missing our occasional visits. 

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