I left school for a lunch trip to the bank this past week, and found a rabbit tucked in against the brick wall of the school building and under a wild rose bush.  The temperatures had dropped and it seemed that he was stuck to the ice.   As I approached him, he hissed from his throat and I saw on his back leg, pink damaged fur.
The wildlife people suggested by phone, that a cardboard box be used to trap him, if there was some suspicion that he was injured and that then they would come to pick him up.  At the prospect, though, of being trapped in a box, the bunny, white with winter, took flight on his three good legs, dragging an obviously broken fourth leg behind him.  At this point, we were advised that nothing could be done and that nature would take its course.
I have a ‘thing’ about rabbits…I have rabbit stories…and I feel uneasiness about the rabbit who injured, would be facing death in the cold.
...Happy Furry Friday...

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