Missing Santa!

I had a wonderful time parade-watching again this year!  To make it double-fun, two of my three children were on the parade route.  My son was playing tenor drums with his highschool marching band (leading the parade)and my youngest daughter was accompanying the Stetson’s marching band because this year she is coaching the colour guard team.  It was an awesome event!
The sky was a clear blue today and there was lots of enthusiasm in people, such a contrast to the weather and the mood a short week ago.  I always get so charged up tailing my kids as they march past and so thrilled to see the Calgary Stampede Showband (always at the tail end of the parade route), that this year I MISSED SANTA in his sleigh!!  Sheesh!  There is just something WRONG about that!
This evening I had the chance to sit with my friend’s little guy…what an amazing and fun-filled time the two of us had!  His smile melts my heart and I giggle as I feed him pablum and he splashes EVERYTHING during his bath.  He was sleeping on my chest at the end of the evening..absolutely played out!  What a fantastic time!
I’ve just arrived home from a drive to the University…my son is attending a concert by one of the world’s greatest Marimba players…

The beat goes on

By Tokie Brideaux

"How many percussion instruments can one musician handle at a time? Michael Burritt tests the limits.

As part of the Celebrity Series at the University of Calgary, the percussion soloist will play xylophone (an arrangement of wooden bars of various length that is struck by a mallet), vibraphone (similar to a xylophone but with metal bars), tom-tom (a cylindrical drum with no snare), crotales (antique cymbals), almglocken (tuned cowbells), water gong (a musical gong that is dipped into a tank of water for a glissando effect) and shekere (a large Latin instrument like a gourd with beads woven into a net covering).

In the first half of performances on Nov. 17 and 18, Burritt will display his talent on marimba. In the second half of the program, he will perform American composer Joseph Schwantner’s Concert for Percussion with the U of C Wind Ensemble (with director/conductor Dr. Glenn Price).

Burritt is also an active composer—one of his concertos premiered in Paris this year and he has written numerous solo and chamber works for marimba and other percussion instruments.

U of C audiences will hear two of his works, as well as pieces by J.S. Bach, Argentinean composer Alejandro Vinao and American experimental music composer John Cage.

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