Sunday Night

I feel filled up with sunshine!  It was an absolutely exhausting week and I wondered how I could possibly manage through the sort of work that faced me only days ago.  However, I remained at school until 9:30 Friday night…put in a full day there on Saturday and took care of my data input for the November report cards.  While it was intense, it feels so good to have it done.
I attended Mass on Saturday afternoon and after picking up my son at work last evening, I packed up my swimsuit and headed for Speargrass.  It is so good for me to have little retreat-moments and while I shared in a bit of work with my friends out there, it was a different sort of work and I came home this afternoon feeling rejuvenated and ready for the next pile of marking.
This morning there was a soft mauve fog nestled over the Bow River and birds strung across the skies in a magical sort of weft of soft blue and white.  Magpies skipped on the snow, leaving prints behind them.  The bright pink sun slowly warmed the landscape…gradually from east to west…a beautiful awakening.
While last night there was hardly a car on the highway in the deep blackness except for mine, there were many on the road this afternoon…so many trucks heading south with their loads…quietly, I whispered my trucker’s prayer.

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