Angel on a Roof Top

After a day of teaching, I headed home to ready the Chapel for my little gathering of young artists.  Today we studied red, yellow and blue and discovered that with mixing, we could make orange, green and violet.  We then painted from an autumn still life, a water colour painting.  The children are absolutely beautiful…so open and responsive…so full of surprises.  You know the saying, "Out of the mouths of babes!"  So fun!
I dunked myself into a quick bath after the lesson and away I went to the school again!  We had our book launch by Mary-Jane Martin, her children’s book, Angel on a Roof Top.  The past two weeks, my students and the school community have been immersed with sharing ideas, writing poetry and writing dedications to friends, family and loved ones who have suffered because of cancer.
A wonderful celebration of life was evident this evening…I’m grateful that it was such an apparent success!  Time for me to go out to the Chapel to see how my daughter is doing with a JAZZ painting she is doing…and I’m guessing I need to await a call from my son as he has been out to the University for a concert-night out and he will likely need a ride of some sort.  Good night to each one of you…and here’s wishes for you to have a terrific weekend!

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