A good friend of mine lost her Dad, just one year ago.  He was an artist..a painter…and a teacher.  I have thought about her Mom today…his grandson…his own children and I feel sadness for their loss.  This friend is a poet, a quilter and is the sort of lady who delivers a zillion burgers for special school lunches and makes beef stew and biscuits for dinner.  I am going to include her special poem here as I know that it was published in her local newspaper today as well.  I don’t want to miss the opportunity to put such beautiful words out there…if you are anywhere near your Dad right now…give him a hug and know that you have got something pretty special.
For J.R.S.
Your favorite chair sits empty now,
The canvas on the easel stays white.
I sit here waiting for the words to come,
Words so hard to write.
We look around and feel you gone,
It’s just that your memory lingers on.
Your memory is what you left behind,
Your love, your laughter is what comes to mind.
We are thankful God graced us
with someone as special as you,
It’s just so hard to believe your life
On earth is really through.
Our lives have changed without you here,
Our hearts remember it’s been a year.
Love is life, they can’t take away,
We remember you together on this day.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. It is 22 years since my Dad passed away… on Nov 1, 1984, think of him all the time, especially when I want to share my life,
    Seems like only yesterday.

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