Max Showed Up

Max showed up!  I was sitting on the sofa, looking at Laurie-dog.  He’s such a contrast to the red sofa, black and white and beautiful.  He’s into his fourteenth year…and actually looking very well.  You’d think from reading the blog and seeing my photo albums that "Perhaps, she’s one of those animal kooks!"
Really…I’m not!
But, I certainly have an appreciation.  I was leaning back, sipping a small glass of white (I never drink white, but it was in the fridge), when I found myself saying out loud, "What am I going to do when I lose you?"
Laurie-dog looked at me as though he understood.  But, at the same time, he seemed resigned because, to that question, there is really NO GOOD ANSWER!
I could see from my seat, one of my neighbours approaching my front door, mouthing the words, "Is this your dog?"
I stepped out front to find the most beautiful border collie…a male…at the front…like some big gollumphing gift!  Reading his tag, I noticed a number and welcomed him into my home to visit with Peanutmeister and Laurie-dog.  He had the ‘roam’ of the place for almost a half hour, but chose to tuck his butt in against me…feeling obviously disconnected and embarrassed.  I made my phone calls as he snuggled up against me and was so happy that he was tagged.
Having made contact with the hospital where he received his rabies shot, I handed out my phone number and name and hoped that an owner would be in touch.  The vet told me, "His name is Max…and thank you!"
Well…the minutes that I had with Max were magical!  What a precious man he is!  We had a brief connect, some water, some food…and you know, some companionship!
When his Dad arrived, it was bittersweet…"You know, I said, it wasn’t important to me that you came…I would have taken care of him." He said…"Yes, you know, I can tell."  Max was a piece of magic today.  I’m grateful that he became an answer…and Laurie curls up on the sofa here as I type. ;0)

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  1. "Time is to slow for those who wait, Too swift for those who fear, Too long for thoses who grieve, Too short for those who rejoice, But for thoses who love….Time is not"           Henry Jackson van Dyke
    She Paints Blue

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