The Heart of the World

There are many of you who are not all that fascinated by the Oprah Winfrey program or initiatives, but yesterday, as I chilled out after school with my 19 year old daughter, we were stuck on that page of the television and it led to some pretty engaging reactions and discussion.
The program was called "Moms Around the World" and this morning I’m feeling pretty proud to be one of those and to know so many Moms who inspire me and teach me lessons about the truths of life.  It matters NOT where in the world mothers live, they hold the same notions about their children and survival…about loss and life…about working toward a more nurturing and loving world.
I know!  I know!  It ALL sounds like a generalization and a tad idealistic (after all…what about the heroin addicts…to use a larger-than-life example)…but I suppose if you don’t want ideals, you need to read someone else’s site…that’s just how and who I am.
Do you think it’s an unfair generalization?  This entire entry should have waited until May…Mother’s Day and all that, but I DID hope that my readers might access a section of the link I provide above to view some of the mother’s stories featured on yesterday’s program.
After a shared response, my daughter and I cuddled on the couch wrapped in her comfy blanket and watched a portion of the movie, Something’s Gotta Give.  I hadn’t realized until just the other day that she hadn’t seen it.  She continued to watch once I headed out for my two hours of karate and when I returned, she was so happy about the acting in the movie.  We particularly liked the fact that human beings should ‘jump into’ loving others…not hold back…not try to save yourself from the hurts along the way…as they help to form a deeper, more loving person!
I send my blessings out to my Mom this morning…and to all mothers.  Keep on chugging!  It’s ok…just give it your best stuff!

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