It strikes me that we didn’t get a photograph of the dining table and the feast and the collection of friends Sunday evening…but the afternoon and evening were ‘magical’ for me and a picture remains in my heart.  As hostess, there was a flurry of preparation that needed to be handled and so I lost great bits of conversations, but personally, I had such a happy feeling as I chopped and boiled and juggled beautiful foods for some of the people I love!
Our little home felt warm and cozy…sprinkled with autumn colour…filled with the sounds of voices and laughter…smells of turkey and apples and carrot…pumpkin and cinnamon.  Magic! 
It was a gathering that included my special McTruckers and their relations from Cremona, five of my long-time soulful friends and two of my three wonderful children.  I couldn’t be happier!  Three dogs managed to hang out with us and got along famously.  It was a real party! 
Yesterday, we headed for Speargrass for a romp on the ridge…a wonderful stir-fry and cold beer…chores completed and things moved about…to end with the ceremony of a ‘first’ wood stove fire!  Homemade Salsa and nachos, cheeses and crackers…a yummy nibble to celebrate our lasting friendship and a beautiful afternoon!
The new work week begins. I bring all of these images with me and my heart feels full to overflowing.  A good weekend was had!  Appreciate all that you have…and take nothing for granted!

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