What do other people do?

I don’t know…it struck me tonight as I dragged my butt in the door at 6:15 p.m…."What do other people do?"
‘They’ seem SO put-together and SO calm.  ‘They’ seem to have lives well-organized, along with investments.  I headed out from a full day of teaching to the bottle recyle depot.  Do ‘they’ recycle?
I was riding on ‘E’, so stopped and filled-up at the gas station…fuel is presently 86.5, not bad although I noticed on the way to my recent hike, that it is only 80.5 in Okotoks. 
I picked up and dropped off more drycleaning and was surprised to notice how much it cost.  Do ‘they’ iron up their going-out-for-special-occasion-clothes?  And WHEN do they find the time? Perhaps I should buy myself a ‘real’ ironing board instead of one of those fold-out jobbies for the kitchen table. Do ‘they’ have a mate who routinely fills the tank? or is it just another bone-of-contention?  I never have an argument about ‘who’ fills up the tank.
I broke up a few boxes for the recycle pick-up tomorrow.  I thought I was becoming the real ‘liberated single parent’ when I stopped lugging it all over to the green boxes and decided on curb-side.  It means I ONLY have to rinse out the cans and milk cartons…break up the boxes…and sort for my teeny boxes in the basement.
I went and exchanged the ballet tickets that I had purchased for my daughter as a brilliant surprise, just to find that she was booked into a ‘firm’ date for the very same night.  I stood at the wicket and begged…I never imagined myself making the purchase of ballet tickets…just the two of us.
At the same time I remember picking up tickets for my son and I…Xavier Rudd…an extremely over-the-top-musician out of Australia.  I imagined that he was a percussionist that my son would be ‘freaked’ about seeing!  Two days after sharing the tickets, he asked if he could share the ticket with his lady-friend.  I said, ‘yes’.
What would ‘they’ do in the same circumstance?
I was somewhat relieved when I discovered that I wouldn’t have to finish up my housecleaning and do grocery- shopping tonight for the Thanksgiving dinner I planned on preparing for Thursday night.  Given a couple of extra days, and deciding on Sunday instead, I explored the endless possibilities for a Tuesday night at home.
I heated up some supper after walking the dog and decided to do what ‘they’ might do….I poured myself a glass of wine and turned on the t.v. set.  I don’t have any idea the scheduling or the show-of-the-year….but settled on a program, The Gilmore Girls. I watched as though in a trance…no reactions really…just thought to myself, "I can’t believe I’m doing this!  Is this what ‘they’ do on a Tuesday night?"
Wishing you all an exceptional time doing absolutely nothing…(is that possible for you?) I’m heading from here to clean the bathroom.  From there, a fairly recent ‘read’ is waiting for me in the bedroom.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “What do other people do?

  1. You are so damn beautiful my friend,  you have to remember that once those beautiful babies are gone and you are painting for a living that you will have all the time in the world to watch Gilmore girls and sip on your favorite year.  Life is a whirlwind.  The funny thing is that we are supposed to have time to serve others with all that we are to be doing.  I always chalked that up to taking care of my offspring…LOL.  I love you and you are so right……….what do the other people do?  Love ya darlin, Margy

  2. I too wonder what other people do and how do they manage to fit it all in…anyway I stumbled upon your blog and got lost in the pictures of the babies…I love animals and they are all beautiful.  Now…what I needed to say about this entry.  I DON\’T IRON and I suspect that many others do not either.  Life is too short to iron.

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