The Ironwood Reopens!

For the first time in months, I went out dancing to my favourite Honky Tonk Spot, The Ironwood Stage and Grill and heard Tom Phillips and the Men of Constant Sorrow.  It was an amazing night!  It is such a warm and spirited place and after awhile it seems that the groupies who attend sing all of the lyrics as they dance.  This music just finds its way into your heart after awhile.  I hadn’t gone dancing for some time before they changed management and shut down for renovations.
It seems now that everything is ‘level’.  This makes me smile.  We used to have to stick cork from wine bottles under table legs to stop the wobbles…the chairs were much the same.  We would trade off chairs that were too short for the comfie ones.  Now the floor is level, the tables are and the chairs are brand new!
The ladies washroom has been expanded so that you don’t hit the last customer in the face, as you step in.  I think there were even fresh cut flowers set in a vase on the vanity.  WHAT???  An awesome Friday evening of spinning and singing and renewing old friendships!


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