Terry Fox Run

At one time or another, our lives have been touched by a family who has suffered the loss of a loved one due to cancer.  We have watched the pain of treatment for invasive cancer.  We have perhaps even lost a loved one ourselves.  It seems that every day we hear of someone who has suffered cancer or the fight against cancer.
This morning 800 of our students ran three separate routes as a way of raising funds for our annual Terry Fox run. We all dawned signs with names of loved ones, friends or families who have been affected by this disease.  It was a tremendous show of spirit and each and every participant brought in a toonie as a contribution to furthuring cancer research. I felt a real sense of community and love as we completed the run with enthusiasm and kindness.
I am pleased to report that there was absolutely no walking for this chick this year and I finished the three kilometer course with a red face…but managed to keep a steady pace the entire way!  Let us all do what we can to create a sense of knowledge and hope where this disease is concerned.
Terry Fox is someone who acted on a dream.  Each one of us can do the same.

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