Responding to Allen Ginsberg’s Poetry

I opened up my soft-covered book of poetry…746 pages, titled Allen Ginsberg: Collected Poems 1947-1980.  The cover is red…a strong radial design creating a crisp focus to the center where a triangle sits…the most stable of shapes.  I suppose now I wonder how anyone in their right mind could read Ginsberg…but as I open to the first pages, I see my many notations and responses.  A few summers ago, I decided it would be another of my many ‘things to do before I die’ to respond to each and every poem in his collection, with a poem.  Where the heck do I come up with these ideas?
Few of my friends and none of my family know that this is a passtime of mine…it is a struggle sometimes even to attend to Ginsberg’s writing for any length of time, let alone develop a poetic thought around his form or content.  Regardless…it’s an idea…and I’m going with it.
Oh yes…and here’s a surprise!  Pressed in between the pages…somewhere near the middle I’ve discovered one of my ‘first rites of spring Crocuses’.  I love hiding them in books because sometimes I forget them for  years and then they surface.
Back to poetry…
Poem in response to Ginsberg’s A Meaningless Institution, Dream, Paterson, Fall 1948
Her Dream
I was a small flicker
Of silt, floating on
the surface of a navy-
blue river.
The sun was a
glimmer on my back.
A quick flash and
then again, disappearing into a lap of water.
Current took me
under to be surprised by
All became transparent
And I was aware of the
multitudes of
sparkling bits spinning
their way through
Souls connected by the
expereince of the
drifting, swirling
ups and downs of
while different,
still the same.

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  1. Hi Painter Lady. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words. I absolutely love your paintings and seeing them this morning has created an itch to set up my studio.

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