May Day Tree

That’s it!  It’s done!  At 9:22 tonight I completed the job of planting my new May Day Tree in the backyard! (two inches of topsoil and 16 inches of clay! Phew! (she rubs the sweat from her brow and sips from the icy bottle of Corona)  It will provide the element of shade on the back deck that I want. At my last residence I planted a May Day Tree, but did not have the opportunity to watch it mature.  I feel very excited about this new beginning!  Tomorrow I will publish a photograph and know that it will make you smile.  Quite a sight… after the sun has gone down…with a desk lamp lighting up the excavation area!  I’m one determined chick, I’ll tell you!
I head up to Edmonton in the morning with the most recent framed paintings.  It will be an awesome day.  Sleep well everyone!  Have magic this weekend!

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