Off the Map

This is a movie that will reach into your heart and warm you up.  It appeals to me on so many different levels that I may fall short in my review.  I will try to do it some justice and as is the case with most films, I’m sure this isn’t for everyone!
I believe somehow in relating closely to the earth, rivers and the sky. I think that perhaps I missed ‘the boat’ by being plunked into the suburbs of a fairly high-drive city and really wonder sometimes if I am honouring my life.  I filter all of this whenever I read books or watch movies.  The movie Off the Map struck so many chords that I felt to be a part of a symphony.
For the most part, we share the story through the voice of a twelve year old girl.  This was a big time for me.  It was a special time.  I somehow teetered, at twelve, between two worlds; that of the imagination and that of responsibility and engagement.
I loved the setting…New Mexican vistas…beautiful water and beautiful horizons…all bathed in the pinky glow of the southwest.  A sense of minimalist living and yet with the rich fertile offerings of the world.  A connection between art and life…of music…of stories…of reading aloud…writing letters…and writing…a sense of sailing on a huge ocean anywhere…everywhere!
This film offers up snippets of wisdom for those who wish to listen and observe.  It is like sweetgrass and quiets the heart.  If you have the opportunity, please share this film with people you love.

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