Mirage Mules and Bomber Bats

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated the blog.  I love to accompany my words with images, but since reaching my limit for the month and since being unable to edit my titles in my last album, I’ve not felt encouraged to write.  (Shall I also say that as per usual, I’ve ALSO been somewhat swept up with living life as well…feeling everything deeply…creating magic where I can?)
I’ve arrived home from a journey to southern Alberta with son and sister-friend.  This will require yet another photo album and some writing…it was beautiful,…but what comes to mind to write about tonight is an amazing bit of magic experienced on the last long-hauling adventure!  If you google the place; Primm, Nevada…all you will find are multiple listings for hotels, casinos and crazy entertainment.  My heart isn’t into that sort of entertainment…but truly, from an outsider’s perspective Primm, Nevada looks like one HUGE fantasyland!
We had made our drive through Las Vegas effortlessly and carried on to a point where the sun was just beginning to settle over the soft violet mountains to the west.  Time to pull over for the night…and right there at the core of Primm, Nevada!
A big stretch was needed…a nice little walk…and we headed toward a huge expanse of smooth sand…edged neatly with a wire fence.  Attached, a sign, DO NOT ENTER! (Likely something to do with DARPA!
As though to be a mirage….I saw no less than thirty animals moving toward us from the distance…and east.  Sunlight, inching ever-closer to sleep, played light-games and created illusions on the animals, making it hard to ‘read’ exactly what they were. Initially, I thought that they were horses…then camels?  oh geez!  "Look at their long ears!!  They are donkeys!!"  They walked a slow steady pace to the east-most side of the space and up against the fence.  Two, however (an adult and her young one) stopped and stared, as though hypnotized, at the woman who was slapping her thighs and shouting out, "Hello there!  Come and see us!  Hello guys!"  Nonchalantly, they joined their buddies, some distance away.
As I surrendered my efforts to draw their attention and as my desire to jump the fence or round its perimeter was somewhat discouraged, I began to turn toward the truck.  In an instant, while still caught up in the wonder of what I had just experienced, a dive-bomber bat and his buddies, began dodging here and there in the soft evening light!
Wow!  What a spectacular bit of magic!  What an awesome little event to have shared!

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