Picture Limits!

I’m somewhat frustrated that I am unable to load any new photographs! I’ve reached my limit for the month! Can you imagine that?? 

Another painting completed….not really large, but a rich little piece anyway…a roadside scene while traveling with my Mom and Dad to Algonquin Park some years ago.  I also started on another…Rotary Park in the autumn.  As I worked on this one, I had in mind Emily Carr again (sheesh!  She’s really in my heart right now) and her heading out to live in a park in her trailer.  She took herself deep into the ‘dark’ of the forest and brought trees to dancing in both charcoal and in oils thinned down with gasoline…drawing on raw manilla paper.  I’m thinking of my work as ‘freedom’ paintings more than anything else right now.  I’m enjoying responding to my love of the landscape and while these latest pieces encompass a broad collection of locations, I feel that they have my heart at the base of each of them.

I completed the boardwalk today….and built the strawberry and rubarb bed.  Outside, there’s a soft rain that is falling on the topsoil…beautiful rich garden soil heaped up freshly in all of the beds. 

Last evening I put in place a huge rock that some ‘river-lovers’ rolled and loaded into a special Nissan …this created a beautiful second step from my small deck to the rock patio below.  There was some real heave-hoeing going on in order to move it into its spot…a truly remarkeable thing!

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